15 October 2007

root on kubuntu

Even if root sucks, I got to install it on several machine (laptop, office desktop, home deskop...). So here it is the recipe for a Kubuntu box.
  • install X11 pixmap library and its development headers:
  • sudo apt-get install libxpm4 libxpm-dev 
  • download source tarball, e.g root_v5.17.02.source.tar.gz from http://root.cern.ch/root/Version517.html
  • actual install it:
  • sudo mkdir /root++
    mv root_v5.17.02.source.tar.gz /root++
    cd /root++
    tar -xzvf root_v5.17.02.source.tar.gz
    export ROOTSYS=/root++/root
    cd root
    where /root++ is the directory where you want to install root into.
Hope this can help someone else.


Cristian ++ said...

I've just received the new mail from labinfo (edt. 2007/08) and I was wondering... if root sucks (and this is widely known) are you going teaching it this time? and what about trying to do something with Matlab (or better, Octave)?
I hope to hear some news from this,


p.s.. you can imagine what I've thought when I saw "root sucks"?...

hronir said...

Unfortunately it's not up to me (despite the fact it sucks, it's widely used, especially in phenomenology HEP, and it's also a next-year labs demand, since students are supposed to make large use of it...).

No, actually I can't imagine what are you referring to...